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Parsing the Region’s Home Energy Rating Data: The Basketball Edition

Parsing the Region’s Home Energy Rating Data: The Basketball Edition

This is the 2017 installment of this series. Click here for the 2016 update.

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2016 Energy Code Adoption Update: Recognizing the Region’s Medalists

This is the 2016 installment of this series. Click here for our previous update.


Regional Building Energy Code Rundown

Since our last update for Highlights in August, the following code adoption progress has occurred:

Regional Leadership and Brotherly Love at NEEP's 2014 Building Energy Codes Meeting

Last month, NEEP held its annual full day Regional Building Energy Codes Leadership Group meeting in Philadelphia at the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI). NEEP’s Codes Leadership Group is a forum for information dissemination and exchange between building energy code stakeholders in our region, including state and municipal agencies, utilities, building officials, practitioners...

2014 Building Energy Code Preview

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Ma. StretchCode or: How I Learned to Stop Updating and Love the Timebomb

Unless Massachusetts communities push to update the state’s Stretch Code before July 1, 2014, the 20% boost in building energy efficiency it provides will evaporate, creating market confusion and violate the very concept behind its inception.

What is the Massachusetts Stretch Code?

To date, 134...
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What is ASHRAE Standard 90.2?

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ASHRAE Standard 90....

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