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Northeast CHPS 3.0: The New and Improved School Performance Protocol

The State of our Schools

School districts throughout the Northeast are embracing tools like the Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools (NE-CHPS) criteria to help conquer environmental health issues and provide a safe, healthy, productive learning environment for generations to come.

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NE-CHPS Paves the Way Forward for Schools

When you think back to your days spent in school what do you remember?

Was it a favorite teacher? The countless trips to the vending machine between classes? A visceral rush of excitement after your crush unexpectedly sat next to you in biology?  I recently asked a colleague to recount her high school experience and received a surprising answer in return.

“My school was like a prison!”

Claiborne Pell...

New O&M Guide, Pushing Schools and Public Buildings to Higher Levels of Efficiency

NEEP’s Buildings Team is pleased to announce the release of the “Regional Operations & Maintenance Guide for High Performance Schools and Public Buildings in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Strategies for creating green, healthy & energy efficient existing buildings in your state or local government.” Navigate to the report, on, by opening the cover below.