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NEEP Summit and Business Leaders on YouTube

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Throw some popcorn in an energy efficient microwave, turn down the overhead,...

Bright Future Ahead for Efficiency in Delaware

NEEP joined friends in Delaware and fellow supporters of energy efficiency from around the nation in cheering a landmark bill passed in the final hours of the state’s legislative session. Included as an amendment to Senate Bill 150, the legislation set the stage for the state’s ratepayer-funded electric and gas efficiency programs to be...

Energy Efficiency: A True Boon to Businesses

At the tail end of October 2013, I hit the ground running  as NEEP’s new Public Relations Manager. I quickly learned about NEEP staffers, their roles, and how they all connected together to make our projects move forward. I studied NEEP whitepapers, workshops, and business plans. I looked up acronym after acronym. I met (via email, phone, and in person) scores of NEEP partners and sponsors.

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The Path to Zero Net Energy Buildings: Join Us June 2!

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Sustained Excellence for Sustained Savings

The Initiative, through various energy efficiency programs and activities in 2013, included retailer and manufacturer cooperative promotions, customer incentives, retailer training and customer marketing and education.

Sweating the Small Stuff: Energy Efficiency Policy and the Keystone XL Pipeline

Energy efficiency policy work doesn’t always make for great conversation at dinner parties. Energy efficiency represents energy and money not wasted, so it’s less tangible than new solar panels or a natural gas well. And much of NEEP’s work is behind the scenes, spread across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states in regulatory proceedings that can be hard to follow, on topics that may not, on the surface, sound very interesting...

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A High Octane Event for a Low-Carbon Future

  The Summit, in conjunction with our world's hastened need for action, has been reformatted to pack a more inspirational punch. We hope you’re ready for our series of short, impactful PowerTalks which will feature some of the energy efficiency industry’s most dynamic speakers ...