Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Business and Consumer Electronics

Appliance Standards Bulletin

The efficiency community focuses on minimum efficiency appliance standards because they significantly reduce energy waste, save money and cut pollution. The following product categories, for which DOE has proposed standards, will significantly impact the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for years to come. Although each federal rulemaking is unique and has its own story associated with it, they are a reminder that the federal standards...

NEEP’s Guide to Picking the High Hanging Fruit of Energy Efficiency

By now, you’re probably feeling pretty down about this problem, but cheer up! Harvesting energy savings from BCEs is now within reach. NEEP has recently released a report, Business and Consumer Electronics: A Strategy for the Northeast, to provide clear direction about how to rise up to the challenge...

Not your Grandma’s Electronics Workshop

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"1287","attributes":{"alt":"This is your last chance to register for NEEP","height":"185","width":"303","class":"media-image size-large wp-image-2639 media-element file-media-large"}}]] This is your last chance to register for NEEP's BCE workshop at the 2013 Energy Efficiency Summit!